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Digital Home Services – Ireland
get access to your media all around the house
basic day to day activities became more easy and time saving
Integration & Automation
full repair and overall maintenance
Digital Media Management
installation, maintenance & servicing of any Bang & Olufsen product. TV systems, audio or cinema systems
Bang & Olufsen Services

Bang & Olufsen Services

iJoha as main partner for Bang and Olufsen of Ireland, and Bang & of Northern Ireland is qualified and certified with the installation, maintenance and servicing of their products  …more

Digital Media Management

We are the expert to organise your media and ripping CDs by centralising and converting it to a digital form in any format …more

Smart Home

From basic How To questions, to full repair and overall maintenance. Either it is an Apple or Windows, Laptop or desktop we will take care of it. …more

Integration & Automation

Let Home Automation and Integration do it for you with simple easy user friendly interface …more

Manuals & 

User Guides

guide you through your system step by step  …more



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ijoha.ie We are Bang & Olufsen Ireland, Northern Ireland Installation Partner & specialist in audio visaul, Home Cinema, Digital Home Media, Sonos, Integration, automation, IT Networks, Smart Devices & Apple – Windows Systems.

We help you to access your media all around the house

What we can do!

  • Either its Bang & Olusfen, Apple, Windows, SONOS, or any other market leader entertainment trademark, we can install, integrate, service, and help to get the most out of your system. 
  • Organise your CD, DVD, Photographs and any other documents collection into one easily operated central source which can be accessed from different rooms and different devices. 
  • Integrate all your entertainment devices where they work in synchronization and use its full potential. 
  • Luxuriate in your bath and watch the same film your family is watching in the living room, or play your romantic music while they are watching their favourite TV program. 
  • Stream online Films, TV, and Music either to buy or rent. 
  • You tell us what you want and we will try to achieve it in the most cost effective way.
  • We are not selling any specific brand or trademark. We will take care of your PC or Mac, Laptop or Desktop. And help to protect and backup securely your data collections.